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Bilingual Sound Books


Learn all about opposites in this beautiful, illustrated sound board book. Children will discover the concept of opposites with real animal sounds and bilingual words. 

Holidays, Spanish music & sounds

Holidays are part of our tradition. This book is about common holidays in North America. It introduces bilingual concepts with interesting sounds & and music for each holiday page.

Sleeping on a Branch

A beautiful sound book in English and Spanish about animals who sleep on branches. Each page contains lullabies to enjoy while falling asleep.

Seasons and Music

A sound book with sounds for every season and bilingual (English-Spanish) concepts. Vivaldi’s concerto is played on last page. 

Our Father (Lords Prayer) in English-Spanish

A sound book to learn to pray in English and Spanish. Each page offers a recording of the Our Father and music to meditate on the words. A spiritual little book to keep by the nightstand. 


“The Big CS” was created to produce original music. What started as short songs and illustrations soon turned into pages of a book, which evolved into educational bilingual books. These sound books feature original songs alongside educational concepts, making them a great tool for learning music and language.

Just DO what you love!

I don’t want to wait any longer for the perfect scenario. In the end, this is it. Only one life. My chance to create what I love to do. My goal is to teach my children that regardless of age or limitations we can fulfill our dreams with passion and, most of all, fun.


I use Procreate for my ilustrations and PreSonus Studio Onefor recordings. My children come up with the melodies.

Book Features

High quality interactive books for your children.

Interactive Books

These interactive books will make reading time last longer. Touch and Feel, Mirror, Water Paint, Lift-the-Flaps, and more.

Wide Coverage

Whether your child want to read about animals or princesses, we’ve got something for every age and interest level.

High Quality

All Children books that are loaded with fun and exciting things, with bright colors and high-quality illustrations.

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